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Kellie + Blake

How did y’all meet?
“He is my brother’s best friend!! Whoops! ;)”


It rained during some of their photos but they just rolled with it! I loved their attitude!


Kellie’s brother was her man-of-honor:) So sweet!ashahphotography_8670ashahphotography_8671ashahphotography_8672ashahphotography_8673ashahphotography_8674ashahphotography_8683ashahphotography_8675ashahphotography_8676ashahphotography_8677ashahphotography_8678ashahphotography_8679ashahphotography_8680ashahphotography_8681ashahphotography_8694ashahphotography_8686ashahphotography_8688ashahphotography_8689ashahphotography_8691ashahphotography_8692ashahphotography_8693ashahphotography_8734ashahphotography_8735ashahphotography_8736ashahphotography_8696ashahphotography_8705ashahphotography_8697ashahphotography_8698ashahphotography_8700ashahphotography_8701ashahphotography_8702ashahphotography_8703ashahphotography_8704ashahphotography_8706ashahphotography_8707ashahphotography_8708ashahphotography_8709ashahphotography_8710ashahphotography_8711ashahphotography_8712ashahphotography_8713ashahphotography_8714ashahphotography_8715ashahphotography_8716ashahphotography_8718ashahphotography_8720ashahphotography_8721ashahphotography_8731

The Rad Gif booth was a HIT!!!


Kellie’s brother giving the toast….


  What was your first dance song?

“You (Wedding Song) by Jason Cassidy”


How did you feel when you saw each other for the first time on the wedding day?
“I was speechless when I saw Blake. I had butterflies and I was excited and nervous all at the same time. Since Blake serves in the Air Force, I never really got to see him all dressed up before the wedding because he was always in uniform but when I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around, I thought “Dang! My soon to be husband is HANDSOME!” but that wasn’t anything I didnt already know. 😉 “

What was the most memorable moment of the day?
“This is a tough one. Mama gave me bracelets that had the words from the book “Love You Forever” on them and that brought me to tears.. easily. Also, my first looks with Daddy and Blake were both so sweet and each of them brought me to tears. They were both very special in their own way and they each had very different but great reactions.. especially considering they didn’t expect to see a two-peice wedding dress when they turned around!! With my brother standing behind me as my Man of Honor, I will never forget him holding my bouquet and fluffing my dress during the ceremony while everyone laughed at him. Man of Honor duties, right?!”

If you could do it all over again, would you change anything? 
“I wouldn’t have changed anything. Blake says he would bring a spare pair of boxers if he could do it again. Hahahaha :D”

Do you have any advice to other brides & grooms?
“Have a first look and be sure to enjoy every little thing!! I promise, you will not regret it. Blake and I went back and forth about it but we are so glad we did it in the long run. We got to share so many special moments together before the ceremony and we got our nerves out of the way beforehand. In the end, we were just as married and just as happy and that is all that matters!”

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
“We went to New Orleans on the way to Albuquerque.”

Ceremony Location: Pine Forest United Methodist Church

Reception Location: The Ice House

Florist: Luella – Mindy Lord

Hair: Gracie Ivey – J. Keyton Salon & Spa

Makeup: Robbie Wilkes

Dress: Watters

Shoes: AX Paris

Caterer & Cakes: Lori Thigpen

DJ: Judah Press Entertainment

Doug + Mary

“OK so I was looking on a friends Facebook page and as I was scrolling I saw a picture of the most beautiful man’s face that I had ever seen. I asked my friend who this gorgeous guy was and was he single, come to find out he was so I Facebook stalked him, lol I told myself “I’m gonna marry that man” almost seven years later here we are finally married!! Not the best story, but it’s my Cinderella story and he was my prince charming!!!” – Mary

Location: Old Governor’s Mansion – Milledgeville, Georgia


Little sisters are the best…









ashahphotography_8606ashahphotography_8611ashahphotography_8608ashahphotography_8609What was your first dance song?

“Someone to love” by Babyface”

How did you feel when you saw each other for the first time on the wedding day?
“Super excited overwhelmed by charm and unconditional love that we we’re about to cherish for the rest if our lives!!”  
What was the most memorable moment of the day?
“Walking down the isle to see my future husband looking so handsome and his gorgeous eyes looking into mine!”
 If you could do it all over again, would you change anything? 
 “Not a thing!!! Never!! No regrets!!”
Do you have any advice to other brides & grooms?
“Yes one thing.. There is no need to be nervous if you know that that’s the person you want to spend eternity with, have fun with it and cherish every moment!!!”

Sarah & Matt


“God providentially brought us to Macon for what we initially thought was for our jobs.  Little did we know what would happen in the next year. Matt moved to Macon to complete an internship at First Presbyterian Church and began working with inner city students at Campus Clubs. Sarah had just graduated from nursing school and started a job at the Medical Center. Sarah started attending FPC and the bible study they had for young adults, which is where we first laid eyes on each other. We made eye contact several times throughout the weeks at the bible study but never had an actual conversation. Sarah started working night shift and because of her work schedule we didn’t see each other for a while. Matt says when we did see each other, he felt as if someone chopped his tongue off.
We finally had our first conversation on the young adult fall retreat in Helen. The group stopped to eat lunch at a BBQ restaurant. Matt had already eaten so he was sitting down at a long picnic table waiting for everyone else. Sarah was one of the first in line and once she got her food, she plopped down right in front of Matt. He says he remembers feeling like his heart was going to climb up his throat and jump out onto the table. He quickly tried to think of a good first question to ask her and said, “So, I hear you’re a nurse…how is that going?”… Later that day, as we were hiking the conversation just kept flowing as we discovered how much we had in common. There was definitely a spark that went off for both of us and we were always finding ways to be around each other.
Not long after the retreat Sarah began volunteering at Campus Clubs on her off days. The two of us would talk when we crossed paths but what was most impressionable was getting to see each other’s character as we served the kids around us.
A few months went by and finally Matt got up the courage to ask Sarah on a date. She said yes! We enjoyed our first date at the Georgia Aquarium. As we were walking around at the aquarium, we both realized that there was something very special about each other. Matt had prayed and asked close friends to pray for our first date. As we sat watching the dolphin show Matt says he was in a sea of peace and comfort next to Sarah. For Sarah, this was unlike any other date she had been on in that she wasn’t a nervous wreck but had the same feeling of peace with Matt.
Not long after our first date Matt asked Sarah to be his girlfriend. Fast forward eight months- we traveled to Nashville for what Sarah thought was only to visit some friends. Little did she know Matt would ask her to be his wife forever…”



What was your first dance song?
“La Reyna by Penny And Sparrow”
How did you feel when you saw each other for the first time on the wedding day?

“I had an extreme overflow of emotion that led to tears of joy and happiness.” -Matt

“I felt this sense of relief in seeing him. All that we had been planning and working up to was finally here for us to enjoy.” – Sarah

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

“To finally and officially say “I do” in marrying the woman of my dreams.” – Matt

“Standing in the front of the church waiting to walk down the aisle and see Matt. I was standing there listening to the music with my dad and maid of honor by my side trying to soak it all in.” – Sarah

If you could do it all over again, would you change anything? 
“There were little details that we would have adjusted for making the day flow smoother, but overall we were pleased with how it all turned out.”
Do you have any advice to other brides & grooms?
“Take advantage of all the help people are willing to give you in the planning and preparation of the wedding. Don’t let the stress overcome the joy of marrying your best friend.”
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
“Seattle and Orcas Island”
We initially met at a young adults bible study. We continued to see each other through church and social events and we both caught each other’s eye. After our first date at the Georgia Aquarium we knew where our future was heading…together.
Location: First Presbyterian Church – Macon, Georgia 
Hair & Makeup: Amanda Jane Salon & Spa
Dress: BHLDN
Florist: Jean & Hall Florist
Cake: Amanda’s Cakery
Catering: Good to Go Restaurant & Catering 

Second Photographers: Andy & Aimee Carter